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OTF is an open-source alternative to Terraform Enterprise, sharing many of its features:

  • Full Terraform CLI integration
  • Remote execution mode: plans and applies run on servers
  • Agent execution mode: plans and applies run on agents
  • Remote state backend: state stored in PostgreSQL
  • SSO: sign in using an identity provider via OIDC, OAuth, etc.
  • RBAC: control team access to workspaces
  • VCS integration: trigger runs and publish modules from git commits
  • Create and install a Github app to integrate OTF with Github
  • Compatible with much of the Terraform Enterprise/Cloud API
  • Minimal dependencies: requires only PostgreSQL
  • Stateless: horizontally scale servers in pods on Kubernetes, etc
  • Module registry (provider registry coming soon)

run page planned and finished state

Real-time streaming of a terraform plan

run page planned and finished state

A status check for a pull request on

workspace main page

The main page for a workspace

workspace main page

Setting VCS triggers

team permissions

Setting organization-level permissions for a team

new variable form

Editing a workspace variable

agent pools

Managing workspace access to specific agent pool