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Configure OTF to sign users in using their Gitlab account.

Create an OAuth application for your Gitlab group by following their step-by-step instructions.

  • Set name to something appropriate, e.g. otf
  • Select Confidential.
  • Select the read_api and read_user scopes.
  • Set the redirect URI to:



It is recommended that you first set the --hostname flag to a hostname that is accessible by Gitlab, and that you use this hostname in the redirect URI above.

Once you've created the application, note the Application ID and Secret.

Set the following flags when running otfd:

otfd --gitlab-client-id=<application_id> --gitlab-client-secret=<secret>

If you're hosting your own Gitlab you'll also need to inform otfd of its hostname:

otfd --gitlab-hostname=<hostname>

Now when you start otfd navigate to its URL in your browser and you'll be prompted to login with Gitlab.


In previous versions of OTF, Gitlab groups were synchronised to OTF. This functionality was removed as it was deemed a security risk.