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OTF can send notifications for run state transitions. OTF implements the TFC notifications API, which means you can use the same documented API endpoints to configure notifications. Alternatively you can use the tfe terraform provider.


Currently you cannot configure notifications via the UI.

Support exists for the following destination types:

  • generic: Generic HTTP POST notifications
  • slack: Slack messages
  • gcppubsub: GCP Pub/Sub topic messages (*OTF specific)


Currently there is no support for the email or microsoft-teams destination types (which TFC does support).

GCP Pub Sub

OTF can send notifications to a GCP Pub/Sub topic. To configure these notifications see the TFC notifications API documentation, in particular the endpoint for creating a notification configuration.

For the destination-type field, use gcppubsub.

For the url field, enter gcppubsub://<project-id>/<topic>, where <project_id> is the GCP project ID and <topic> is the Pub/Sub topic ID.

Ensure otfd has access to default credentials for a service account which has necessary permissions to publish messages to the configured topic.

The payload of the messages is the same as that documented for the generic destination type (using the JSON format).

Additionally, attributes are added to each message:

key value <workspace_name> <workspace_id><tag_name> true

Attributes permit you to filter messages from a subscription in GCP.