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  • Linux - the server and agent components are tested on Linux only; the client CLI should work on all platforms.
  • PostgreSQL - at least version 12.
  • Terraform >= 1.2.0
  • An SSL certificate.


There are three components that can be downloaded:

  • otfd - the server daemon
  • otf - the client CLI
  • otf-agent - the agent daemon

Download them from Github releases.

The server and agent components are also available as docker images:

  • leg100/otfd
  • leg100/otf-agent

Install helm chart

You can install an otfd cluster on Kubernetes using the helm chart. See the helm chart repository for further information.

Install from source

You'll need Go.

Clone the repo, then build and install using the make task:

git clone
cd otf
make install

That'll install the binaries inside your go bin directory (defaults to $HOME/go/bin).