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otf is the CLI for OTF.

Download a release. Ensure you select the client component, otf. The release is a zip file. Extract the otf binary to a directory in your system PATH.

Run otf with no arguments to receive usage instructions:

  otf [command]

Available Commands:
  agents        Agent management
  help          Help about any command
  organizations Organization management
  runs          Runs management
  state         State version management
  teams         Team management
  users         User account management
  workspaces    Workspace management

      --address string   Address of OTF server (default "localhost:8080")
  -h, --help             help for otf
      --token string     API authentication token

Use "otf [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Credentials are sourced from the same file the terraform CLI uses (~/.terraform.d/credentials.tfrc.json). To populate credentials, run:

terraform login <otfd_hostname>